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Business activities

Insurance service

GEM GROUP is an insurance agent and serves as a channel for advising and designing insurance products. We collaborate with a network of business relationships to distribute insurance products to enterprises with various forms and diverse platforms.

Businessman hand clicks insurance icons to car, travel, family and life, financial and health insurance. Insurance online buy concept.

Project “PTI”

Non-life insurance agent of PTI

GEM GROUP is an insurance agent, collaborating with strategic partner PTI (Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation) in designing non-life insurance products. These products are distributed through the sales network of MFast – a leading financial technology platform in Vietnam with over 500,000 sales agents and a nationwide sales network.

The insurance products includes 03 main categories:

    • Vehicle Insurance (Car insurance, Compulsory car insurance, Compulsory motor insurance)
    • Health-care Insurance (Income loss insurance, Personal accident insurance, …)
    • Property Insurance.
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